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Submissions for Publication


In short, we are looking for the best debut and established authors and composers; the most individual, exciting, innovative and creative talent with a passion for what they do and a drive not only to write amazing material, but to get out there and to promote it.

So... do you have a knack for composing songs and writing lyrics children absolutely love to sing? Do you teach a musical instrument and know that your method is exactly how to best encourage those first tentative steps? Do you write fantastic, innovative material for children and young people in church? Have you the greatest teaching resource ever that primary teachers across the country will pounce on? Can you put together wonderful liturgical and personal resources for today’s Christian? If this is you, and you have a fantastic idea that you are absolutely convinced will be a major hit, then read on!

The Pitch

We will only accept submissions by email. We no longer accept hand-written text manuscripts and music scores. We cannot accept or return hard copy submissions and will not accept any liability for any such material sent to us. We do not accept proposals by telephone.

When pitching your idea to us please send your proposal to us at:

Your submission should comprise:

  1. The first three chapters, or equivalent, of your manuscript, or...
  2. If you are submitting music, a portfolio of about eight pieces so that our editorial committee can assess your work and style.

If you are submitting a book proposal, please include a full contents list if appropriate so that we can get a good overview of the whole proposal. It is very difficult to judge anything based on one or two sessions for youth groups, for example. This should then be accompanied by a letter covering the following:

  1. Title: give a few suggestions if you can. Really think about what will not just sell the book, but communicate to the public what it is about.
  2. Sales pitch: in one sentence (yes, just one!) sum up the book! Sell it to us! Make us jump out of our seats!
  3. Summary: Provide a two or three sentence summary of what your book is about.
  4. Potential market: again, in just a few sentences, tell us about the audience your work is aimed at. Are there any useful comparisons that can be made with other books/authors? What about your own contacts, social media groups, magazines, events, how you would promote/sell it?
  5. Biography: tell us about yourself, what makes you uniquely qualified to write what you are proposing.
  6. Other work: if you’ve been published before, then let us know.

In all cases, we will only respond to those proposals and submissions we wish to pursue. If you have not heard from us within four months, please assume that your submission has not been successful.

We look forward to hearing from you!