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Licence Application Forms

Here you can find information on how to photocopy our hymns for personal use, for use during your worship service and also commercial use. You can also find out how you can acquire a license to put on one of our musicals in your school or children's group.

Below is a list of the licenses we have on offer and a brief description to help you apply for the correct one. We endeavour to respond as quickly as possible to your queries and questions and if you fill in a license application form we ask that you give us three weeks to issue you with the license.

You may already be covered for some copying if your church has a CCLI licence, or your school is covered by SPML (Schools Printed Music License). Please check. It could save you time and money!

If you have any queries on any of this section please contact the Kevin Mayhew Ltd Copyright Department by e-mail to

Licence Application Forms

Performance Licence

For performing a show to an audience, not of pupils and staff, whether or not a fee is charged to the audience.

A performance license is issued to those who wish to perform one of our musicals in their school, youth group etc. You can download the performance license form by clicking the PDF icon below:


Non-Commercial/Annual Licence

For copying, photocopying or Projecting our works. One off or an Annual Licence.

A license that can be used to make copies of our hymns and other texts for a non-commercial purpose such as personal use, for recitals or to perform in your music group etc. You can download a Non-Commercial/Annual license form by clicking the PDF icon below:


Mixed/Mechanical Licence

For using our works in your books, or in recorded media: overseas only (you must licence with MCPS for manufacture in the UK)

This sort of license is issued to those who wish to reproduce our hymns in order to then sell them as part of their own publications or create copies on recording media of a song (which they did not write and/or do not own the copyright). In the U.K. our mechanical rights are administered through MCPS but for customers and individuals abroad you can download the Mixed/Mechanical license form by clicking the PDF icon below:


MCPS/PRS/PPL Licenses:




Licensing FAQ's

Q: Do I need to acquire a license to reproduce hymns for a wedding service?

A: If you are planning to use one or more of our hymns during your wedding service then please note that you have to acquire a license from us to be able to do so. There will be a charge applied. Please fill in a non-commercial license and send it back to us.

Q: I already have a CCLI license does that mean I’m covered to reproduce your hymns?

A: Although a good number of our hymns are covered by CCLI, many of them are not. We advise you to use the CCLI song search function in order to see if the song is covered under the MRL license

Q: I’m using a projector to display the lyrics/music of the hymn. How do I go about applying for a license?

A: If you are using an overhead projector then please tell us the capacity of your group or church service etc. For example, 100 members in attendance equate to 100 photocopies and we will issue you a license based on that capacity.

Q: I want to make copies of a hymn(s) but it is out print and I do not have access to a copy.

A: If you do not have a copy of the hymn or lyrics you want to make copies of then please contact our copyrights department who may be able to provide you with a copy for a fee. Alternatively, please contact our sales team and they will be able to help you.

Q: I'm only using a small portion of the music or a few lines of the lyrics. Do I still need a license?

A: Yes. Any amount of copyright-protected music requires permission from the copyright owners or the original publishers.

Further Information

For more information on licensing, copyrights, royalties (if you are one of our authors or composers), or any other enquiries then please feel free to contact our Copyrights & Royalties department by e-mail to