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Product Resources

So, you want to download some resources?

We are in the process of making available resources that support our products as digital downloads.

How do you find your resources?

Search for the product title or product code in the website search box and click on your product. Any downloadable resources will be listed under a tab called "Resources" along side the product description.

Why are we doing this?

There are a number of reasons:

  • We frequently get contacted by customers requesting replacement CD's, inserts or charts. By offering these as digitally downloadable resources, customers can easily and quickly get hold of replacements.
  • It allows customers to get a preview of the resources associated with a product before they have even make a purchase.
  • There are obvious benefits for the environment by moving to digital resources.
  • There is a cost saving in supplying these resources as a digital product - these savings can be passed on to the customers through future publications.