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100 Short And Playable Pieces

100 Short And Playable Pieces

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For years we have been publishing useful collections packed with approachable and tuneful pieces for parish organists - and this new collection is no exception.


A diapason occasion - Rosalie Bonighton
A little jaunt - Andrew Moore
A passing vapour - Richard Lloyd
A running antiphon - Stanley Vann
A solemn préambule - Stanley Vann
A trumpet gigue - Martin Setchell
A tuba minuet - Christopher Tambling
Aboard the gospel train - Colin Hand
All glory and power - June Nixon
Allegro marziale - Robert Jones
Andare - Richard Lloyd
Aria - Robert Jones
Berceuse for the gemshorn - Andrew Moore
Bí, a Iosa (Comfort) - Richard Lloyd
Blow up the trumpet! - Rosalie Bonighton
Bridal procession - Stanley Vann
Bright seraphim - Colin Hand
Bunessan - Michael Higgins
Cath's cantique - Richard Lloyd
Chestnut Sunday - Richard Lloyd
Christ in the Tomb from 'The Divine Compassion' - William Lloyd Webber
Cornopem dreams - Simon Clark
De profundis - Michael Higgins
Deep river - Colin Mawby
Diapason melody - David Terry
Diludiuin - Richard Lloyd
Domine, refugicim - Rosalie Bonighton
Dream Angus - Andrew Wright
Elegy - Alan Ridout
Emily - June Nixon
English melody - Andrew Wright
Fanfare for a dean - June Nixon
Fanfare with promenade - Rosalie Bonighton
Festal day - Elizabeth Hill
Festal march - William Lloyd Webber
Festal procession - Rosalie Bonighton
Festival finale - Malcolm Archer
Festive minuet - Andrew Wright
Flutes of fancy - Simon Clark
Folk tune - Andrew Fletcher
Go, tell it on the mountain - Malcolm Archer
Hail the dawn - Colin Mawby
Henry's hornpipe - Andrew Fletcher
Idyll - Norman Warren
Impromptu for the flutes - June Nixon
In three flats - Rosalie Bonighton
Intermezzo - William Lloyd Webber
Intrada da tromba - Stanley Vann
Intrada imperial - Andrew Fletcher
Invocation - Alan Ridout
Jubilant finale - Michael Higgins
Jubilate - Norman Warren
Just a closer walk with thee - June Nixon
Laetatus sum - Norman Warren
Laudate! - Colin Mawby
Laudate dominum - Rosalie Bonighton
Lift high the Cross - Andrew Moore
Luinneach - David Terry
Mallaby-Deeley's march - Richard Lloyd
Meditation - Alan Ridout
Meditative postlude - June Nixon
Minuet - David Terry
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen - James Patien
Nun danker alle Gott - Christopher Tambling
Pageant - June Nixon
Retrie's crown - Martin Setchell
Pifa for Sunday morning - Colin Hand
Pilgrims' song - Norman Warren
Plaint - Richard Lloyd
Postlude - William Lloyd Webber
Prelude - Alan Ridout
Prelude - William Lloyd Webber
Procession to a jaunty tune - Rosalie Bonighton
Procession to the altar of repose - Michael Higgins
Processional - Richard Lloyd
Recessional march - Andrew Wright
Romance - William Lloyd Webber
Sabbath joy - Norman Warren
Scherzo - David Terry
Scherzo marziale - David Terry
Shebaniah's Siegeslied - Richard Lloyd
Slumber song - William Lloyd Webber
Solemn processional - Andrew Fletcher
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child - Christopher Tambling
Sortie - Robert Jones
Standing in the need of prayer - Betty Roe
Stately sortie - Andrew Fletcher
Swing low - Rosalie Bonighton
The heavenly dance - Colin Mawby
The Knights of Trelights - Christopher Tambling
The mill stream - Elizabeth Hill
The serene rohr flute - Colin Mawby
Trumpet major - Christopher Tambling
Trumpet scherzo - Andrew Wright
Trumpet tune - Robert Jones
Trumpet tune - David Terry
Verset for organ - William Lloyd Webber
Vesper hymn - William Lloyd Webber
Were you there - Andrew Fletcher
Ye banks and braes - Rosalie Bonighton