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24/7 Christianity24/7 Christianity

24/7 Christianity

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In a world bursting with sorrow, Christians are called to be hope-filled. This is a book full of hope. The Gospel is good news and this book is filled with good news.

In this book we discover how God reveals himself through his pilgrim people. As pilgrims we need to discard much of our heavy baggage and constraints. We need to travel light. When we do this we discover that the Body of Christ is living and moving. Jesus is always on the move. He strides across the pages of history. He calls us to run with him. His pace may be fast.

24/7 Christianity helps us to focus on the real nature of Christ present with his people. Michael Apichella reasserts that God is real, not imaginary, that he is present, not absent and that he is speaking, not silent.

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