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50 Ready-To-Go Assemblies50 Ready-To-Go Assemblies

50 Ready-To-Go Assemblies

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Key Stage 1 - 2

Tell a story, make a point, and back it up with Bible teaching. That's the no-nonsense approach adopted by Denis O'Gorman after many years of taking assemblies in schools. It seems to work, since Denis keeps being invited back to repeat the recipe.


All one people
Tim's garden
Don't tell Grandad
The digital camera
A wannabe pop star
Watch the money grow
The dive
Look! No hands
The internet game
Leader of the pack
The painter
The rag rug
The flashy suit
Aldo's horrible dinner
Wearing my hat
Alice in Dreamland
Stranger in the hall
God can make you twice
The new family
You made me welcome
The great composer
Nino's happy smile
The holiday blunder
The big match
Caught in the act
The wrong envelopes
Dad's close call
Missing the Test Match
The invisible guest
Tubby Tessa
The dreamer
The carnival queen
The milk round
The high mountain
The silent dance
Did you try your best?
Grumpy Auntie May
Miss Marcek's story
Granny's fish tank
Porto Paullina bus trip
Late for the boat
A bit of a mess
Not so brave!
The man in yellow
The mannequins
The song contest
Get off my back!
Two different aunties
The puppy sale
Don't call me stupid

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