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A Long Way Off

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In the rush towards Christmas that engulfs our society each year, the season of Advent is a reminder to slow down and refocus. It is a season of preparation, but it does not only ask us to prepare for the birth of a baby. We are also asked to prepare for the coming of a king.

In this daily collection of reflections, Jeremy Brooks encourages us to look at what kind of king we are expecting and what kind of kingdom will be coming. He uses readings from Luke's Gospel to show Jesus' concerns for those who are on the edge of society - the poor, the disabled and the lonely. At Christmas time, it can be these groups of people who feel most marginalized and most excluded from society's celebrations, but Advent reminds us that they should be at the center of our concern.

Jeremy Brooks uses those services that churches put on as part of their Christmas celebrations, such as Christingle and Crib Services to remind us of the journey of Advent. He also draws on the poetry of the Welsh poet priest, R. S. Thomas as inspiration for his daily reflections.

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