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A Treasury Of European Service Music For ManualsA Treasury Of European Service Music For Manuals

A Treasury of European Service Music for Manuals

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Here are two collections of entirely new short and easy pieces. Ideal for service use, all are written in the lovely romantic style of the 19th and early 20th century by a variety of outstanding European composers.


Andante - Arthur de Hovre
Antiphon - Georges Debat-Ponsan
Chorale - Louis Bottazzo
Communion - Louis Bottazzo
Communion - Adolphe d'Hulst
Communion - Alfred Marichelle
Communion - Edouard Torres
Coro Religioso - Orlando A. Mansfield
Deux Canons - Ludvig Mathias Lindeman
Deux Interludes - Eugène Gigout
Elévation - Domenico Bellando
Elévation - Adolphe d'Hulst
Elévation - Jean Huré
Elévation - Edouard Torres
Fughetta - Oscar Depuydt
Fugue in E minor - Guillaume Lasceux
Fugue in E minor - Jean-Nicholas Marrigues
Fugue in G minor - Jean-Jacques Beauvarlet-Charpentier
Improvisation - Gustaf Hïg
Interlude - Santiago Tafall
Invocation - Alexandre Winkel
Larghetto - J. Surzynski
Le Carillon de Balleroy - A. Mancini
Meditation - A. Mancini
Noël - Alphonse Mailly
Noël - Lorrain Guillaume Lasceux
Norwegian Song - Peter Lindeman
Offertoire - Louis Bottazzo
Offertoire - Gaetano Foschini
Offertoire- Adolphe d'Hulst
Offertoire - Charles Lefebvre
Pastorale - Paul Fauchett
Pastorale - P. L. Hillemacher
Pax - Giovanni Bolzoni
Piece in C - Emile Pessard
Prelude - Oscar Depuydt
Prelude - Adolphe d'Hulst
Prelude - Augusto Machado
Prelude - Orlando A. Mansfield
Prelude in E minor - Ernest Grosjean
Prelude on 'Iste Confessor' - Lucien Bourgeois
Prelude on 'Pange Lingua' - Lucien Bourgeois
Prière - Bruce Steane
Prière - Johann Gustav Eduard Stehle
Song of Joy - Bruce Steane
Verset on 'Sacris Solemniis' - Lucien Bourgeois