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Alive And ActiveAlive And Active

Alive And Active

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Key Stage 1 - 2

Jesus used storytelling in a vivid and imaginative way and the stories he told give a clear code of conduct; a blueprint for living which children can recognise.This book explores the modern-day relevance of some of the gospel passages. Each chapter is based on a message drawn from the gospel, with stories placed in a contemporary context using settings and situations familiar to children, to demonstrate how the teachings of Jesus apply to their everyday lives. There is an introduction for teachers and catechists and prayers that reinforce the point illustrated by the stories.Initially created for assembly, this book also has a place in the classroom and in catechetical situations, including children's liturgy and junior church.Living the message of Jesus is a far more important then talking about it - we need to break the Word for children and help them see it is, in truth, something alive and active.


Jesus calls us to makes a difference
Jesus calls us to take notice and do something to help
Jesus asks us to do little things
Jesus asks us to look for people who need care
Jesus tells us that we must not judge or be prejudiced
Jesus tells us to think for ourselves
Jesus asks us to put others first
Jesus asks us to recognise that we are all a mixture of good and bad
Jesus tells us that we must use our gifts
Jesus asks us to look for something special in other people
Jesus calls us always to forgive

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