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All-Age Talks For Special SundaysAll-Age Talks For Special Sundays

All-Age Talks For Special Sundays

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All-age Talks for Special Sundays contains eighteen fully worked-out all-age talks for Mothering Sunday, Christian Aid Week, Father's Day, Church Anniversary, Harvest, One World Week, All Saints' Day and Remembrance Day. Each talk is set out according to a basic framework: a suggested Bible passage to be read prior to the talk, a statement of the aim of the talk, details of preparation needed beforehand, and the talk itself.

The talks are:

Mothering Sunday • Mothers • Scent with love

Christian Aid Week • Fair shares

Father's Day • Our Father • A special day

Church Anniversary • Past, present and future • Representing Christ • Back to the future • The unchanging God

Harvest • Gifts to every nation • Sowing in tears, reaping in joy • Any order?

One World Week • Belonging • Handle with care

All Saints' Day • All Saints? • All the same in God's eyes

Remembrance day • Worth remembering • Lest we forget

Everything is provided to make your presentation both enjoyable and memorable. A godsend for the busy preacher! All-age Talks for Special Sundays is drawn from Nick Fawcett's Getting It Across.

About Nick Fawcett

Brought up in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Nick Fawcett served as a Baptist minister for 13 years, and as a chaplain with TocH for 3, before deciding to focus on writing and editing, which he continues with today,

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