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At A Glance Guide GuitarAt A Glance Guide Guitar

At A Glance Guide Guitar

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Instruments of the Orchestra All you'll ever need to know about the orchestra - how the instruments are played, their ranges and transpositions, where they sit, and other fascinating facts.

!!!A-Z of Composers Which composer died from stabbing himself in the foot while conducting? Who wrote a Requiem for over 200 voices? Which composer was a famous gastronome? You'll find the answers to all these questions and many other fascinating facts in this A-Z guide of composers.

!!!Music Notation A quick reference guide to the theory of music, invaluable to students, teachers and performers alike.

!!!Instrument Ranges If you are arranging music for different combinations of instruments, then this is the guide for you. See at a glance who can play which notes and what transpositions are required.

!!!Instrumental Fingering Easy to read diagrams for correct fingering of every note.

!!!Instrumental Trills Easy to read diagrams for correct execution of trills.