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Australian Worship C InstrumentAustralian Worship C Instrument

Australian Worship C Instrument

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The first collection of writing from Hillsong Church, is now established as a much-used resource for worship leaders and musicians.

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Almighty God, my redeemer - Zschech
As for me - Fragar/Zschech
Because of your love - Fragar
Before the world began - Fragar
Blessed be - Bullock
Blessing, honour - Bullock/Reidy
Can't stop talking - Fragar
Come on everyone - Fragar
Day by day - Bullock
Every new day - Fragar
Ev'ry nation, pow'r and tongue - Fragar
Father of life - Zschech
Forgetting what lies behind - Fragar
Glory Bullock God is moving by his Spirit - Bullock
Hear these praises - Fragar
He can make a way - Fragar
He is able to wound - Webster
Here I am - Bullock
He's the Author of salvation - Bullock
Holy One of God - Bullock
Holy Spirit come - Bullock
Holy Spirit rise - Bullock
I am not ashamed - Bullock
I am pressing forward - Bullock
I am walking on the way ahead - Bullock
I believe the promise - Fragar
I bow my knee - Eastwood
I draw near to you - Zschech/Morgan
I have heard of your fame - Morgan
I hear the sound of a holy war - Zschech
I just want to praise the Lord - Bullock
I know it - Zschech
I'll take this time - Bullock
I'll worship you - Bullock
I'm changed, I'm not the same - Fragar
I'm reaching out - Bullock
I'm so secure - Morgan
I'm your child - Bullock
I need you - Fragar
In my life - Bullock
In the name of the Lord - Bullock
In the silence - Iannuzzelli
Into the shelter house I go - McPherson
I trust in you - Zschech
I've been forgiven - Bullock
I've come to worship - Fragar
I've found a friend - Fragar
I want to be your hands - Fragar
I will behold - Bullock
I will come to you - Morgan
I will lift my voice - Bullock
I will never be the same again - Bullock
I will rest in Christ - Bullock
I will worship you - Bullock
Jesus, fill me - Bullock
Jesus, God's righteousness revealed - Bullock
Jesus, Jesus - Bullock
Jesus, lover of my soul - Grul/Ezzy/McPherson
Jesus, what a beautiful name - Riches
Jesus, you're all I need - Zschech
Jesus, your loving kindness - Morgan
Jump to the jam - Iannuzzelli
Just let me say - Bullock
King of kings - Bullock
Lift high his name - Bullock
Longin' for your touch - Iannuzzelli/Uluirewa
Lord, I come to you - Bullock
Lord, I give my life to you - Bullock
Lord, I give myself - Zschech
Lord, I lift my voice in praise - Gower
Lord, I long to see you glorifed - McPherson
Lord, I'm holding on to you - Bullock
Lord, I want to know you more - Bullock
Lord, my heart cries out - Zschech
Lord of creation - Bullock
Lord of the heavens - Fisher
Lord, we come - Bullock
Lord, we proclaim you now - Willersdorf
My God can never fail - Fragar
My heart sings praises - Fragar
My Jesus, my Saviour - Zschech
My spirit rests - Morgan
Oh Holy Spirit - Bullock
Oh Lord, you have searched my heart - Bullock
Oh Lord, you lead me - Bullock
Oh, the mercy of God - Bullock
One hope - Zschech/Fragar
Our Father - Eastwood
Refresh my heart - Bullock
Rock of the ages - Bullock/Zschech
Salvation - Bullock
Show me your ways - Fragar
Standing in your presence - Zschech
The earth resounds - Bullock
The enemy's defeated - Bullock/Fisher
The heavens shall declare - Bullock
The Holy Spirit is here - Fragar
The life of God - Bullock
The love of God - Bullock
There's a light that shines - Bullock
There's a river - Iannuzzelli
The time has come - Bullock
The Word of God is planted - Fragar
This grace is mine - Bullock
This is my desire - Morgan
This is our nation - Bullock
This is the hour - Bullock
This love, this hope - Bullock
Walking in the light - Zschech
We behold the Lamb of God - Bullock
We come into your presence - Eastwood
Well, I was in need - Fragar
We need reviving - Bullock
We're a generation - McPherson
We're gonna praise his holy name - Zschech
We're not looking back - Bullock
We will rise - Bullock
We will seek your face - Morgan
Whatever I have gained - Bullock
Whenever I see - Bullock
With a little love - Bullock
You are holy - Morgan
You are my God - Bullock/Dunshea
You are my rock - Bullock
You are my song - Bullock
You are the One - Bullock
You give me shelter - Bullock
You lift me up - Bullock
You love me as you found me - Fragar
You make your face - Zschech/Fragar
You placed your love - Bullock
You pulled me up - Fragar
You're all I need - Bullock
You rescued me - Bullock
You're softening my heart - Bullock
You're the joy I know - Morgan
Your eye is on the sparrow - Zschech
Your grace and your mercy - Bullock
Your love - Bullock
Your people sing praises - Fragar