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Australian Worship Collection Book 2

Australian Worship Collection Book 2

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In Book Two there are songs from all the tried and tested favourites like Geoff Bullock, Darlene Zschech, Russell Fragar and Reuben Morgan, but now we've also added even more exciting new talent. Watch out for names like Andrew Ironside, Marty Sampson, Mick Dalton and Chris Falson.

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Aah Jesus, Jesus - Ironside
A heart of love - Bullock
All creation bows - Dalton
All honour, all glory - Falson
All I know - Fisher
All that is within me, Lord - Zschech
Anoint my hands for battle - Canuto
A rising generation - Puddle
As I come to you - Dalton
As we lift our hands to worship you - Bullock
Beautiful Lord, wonderful Saviour - Zschech
Beautiful Saviour - Bullock
Breathe on me - Fisher
Come, let's lift our praise - Bullock
Creation stands in awe - Bullock
Deeper and deeper - Bullock
For ever loved by you - Bullock
Freedom and liberty - Battersby
God Almighty, let your presence - Battersby
God says 'yes' - Fragar
Heaven above and earth below - Bullock
Here I am waiting - Morgan
Here in your presence - Battersby
Here I stand - Dalton/Davies
Holy, holy, holy - Ironside
Holy Spirit, I surrender - Dalton
Holy Spirit, rain down - Fragar
I am not the same - Munns
I believe - Battersby
I can feel - Evans
I can feel the Spirit of God is moving - Battersby
I can hear heaven calling - Battersby
I can see the day - Fragar
I know he rescued my soul - Morgan
I lift your name - Albersource
I lift my eyes up to your throne - Zschech/Morgan
I'll walk closer now - Morgan
I'm lost for words to say - Dalton
I'm set aside to worship you - Dalton/Davies
I need your love - Morgan
In my life proclaim your glory - Bullock
In you I've found my weakness - Dalton
I open my life to you - Riches
I see a southern land - Battersby
I see the Lord - Falson
It is he - Webster
I've come to this house to celebrate - Battersby
I've found the power to be free - Fragar
I've got joy unspeakable - Evans
I walk by faith - Falson
I was on your mind - Dalton
I will sing of your faithfulness - Poole
I will worship - Bullock
Jesus, I need you - Battersby/Anderson
Jesus, Jesus, you are the one - Battersby
Jesus, no one loves me more - Tzeegenkoff
Kingdoms will come - Evans
Let there be joy - Napier
Let the weak say I am strong - Morgan
Let your glory - Fragar
Let your Spirit come - Paull
Lifted up in holiness - Bullock
Lord of creation - Dalton
Lord, to serve you is my joy - Fragar
Lord, you are my solid ground - Dalton
Lord, you are the one - Seeley
Lovely are your dwelling places - Webster
May our homes be filled with dancing - Morgan
Never to be alone - Bullock
No higher place - Bullock
O dear God - Sampson
Oh God of my comfort - Bullock
Oh Lord, you're amazing - Battersby
Praise him you heavens - Fragar
Standing tall in this wide space - Badham
Surely goodness - Battersby
There is a sound of a warrior - Ironside/Canuto
There is a sound of great rejoicing - Battersby
There is hope beyond - Bullock
There is no other name - Battersby
There's a party goin' on - Ironside
The Spirit of the Lord - Ironside
The steadfast love of the Lord - Makendonez
This song in my heart - Zschech
This yearning deep within me - Zschech
We come into your presence - Fragar/Zschech
We have a vision - Falson
Well, we've come to this house - Evans/Seely/Anderson
We will never be the same - Battersby
When I feel you near - Sebastian
When the darkness fills my senses - Morgan
Within my heart - Dalton/Davies
You are a strong and firm foundation - McPherson
You are high and lifted up - Ironside
You are so faithful - Dalton
You gave me love - Morgan
You're the light of my world - Dalton
Your light broke through my night - Morgan
You said - Morgan
You've called me to worship - Dalton