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Baptismal Shell-Old English-4 1/2" LongBaptismal Shell-Old English-4 1/2" Long

Baptismal Shell - Old English - 4 1/2" Long

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Silver-plated Old English Baptismal Shell.The Scallop Shell is the traditional emblem of St James who was a fisherman by trade until he left his family to follow Jesus. Instead of fishing for scallops, he was to become, in Jesus' words 'a fisher of people'. A medieval Christian making the pilgrimage to St James' shrine would carry a scallop shell with him to present to abbeys, churches, castles etc. where he could expect to be given as much sustenance in the form of barley, oats or perhaps beer or wine as a scoop would allow. Thus even the poorest household could give charity without being overburdened.

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