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Beastly Bible Bk2Beastly Bible Bk2

Beastly Bible Book 2

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The good, the bad and the deadly

So you think the Bible is boring? Think again!

You may knows lots of friendly Bible tales about animals, angels and the baby Jesus- but that's only half the story. These books are full of the blood, guts and miraculous mayhem that the other children's Bible stories are afraid to mention.

Are you brave enough for the Beastly Bible Stories?

They will improve children's knowledge of the Bible in a fun way and inspire their own creativity.

These books make a perfect paperback size


Dreadful dreams
Good news, bad news - Joseph the dreamer
Cannibal cows - Pharaoh's bad dreams
The scary statue and the crazy king - Nebuchadnezzar's nightmares

Right and wrong
The fatal flood - Noah and the ark
Babbling builders - The Tower of Babel
The crucial cut - The circumcision rule
Sin cities - Sodom and Gomorrah
Laws for living - The Ten Commandments
Clean and unclean - Rules for eating
Blood and guts - Rules for sacrificing animals

Hair-raising horror
The horrible haircut - Samson loses his strength
A terrible tangle - The death of Absolom

About Claire Benton-Evans

Claire Benton-Evans writes exclusively for Kevin Mayhew. Her consultancy work includes all-age worship workshops and children’s spirituality training for clergy, worship leaders, head teachers and school governors.

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