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Beastly Bible Re Programme Book 2Beastly Bible Re Programme Book 2

Beastly Bible Re Programme Book 2

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The Beastly Bible Stories RE Programme provides complete lesson plans for teaching Christianity at Key Stage 2.

The programme is based on Claire Benton-Evans' hugely popular Beastly Bible Stories series, which shows children that friendly Bible tales about animals, angels and the baby Jesus are only half the story: the Bible is brimming with blood, guts and miraculous mayhem. The book contains everything you will need for exciting, imaginative and unforgettable RE lessons!

Includes CD-ROM

The Beastly Bible Stories Ultimate RE Programme features:

• A clear and straightforward focus on specific learning objectives and outcomes

• Complete lesson plans, including a helpful cover sheet with lesson overview and outline, timings and resources list

• The full text of each Beastly Bible Story

• CD-ROM with vivid Beastly Bible Stories cartoons in full colour, plus printable resources

• Varied and imaginative curriculum-linked activities.

About Claire Benton-Evans

Claire Benton-Evans writes exclusively for Kevin Mayhew. Her consultancy work includes all-age worship workshops and children’s spirituality training for clergy, worship leaders, head teachers and school governors.

You can learn more about Claire Benton-Evans at her website:

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