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Beastly Bible Stories Book  8Beastly Bible Stories Book  8

Beastly Bible Stories Book 8

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Turning the world upside down

So you think the Bible is boring?


12 lively-told and illustrated New Testament stories, also including a Beastly bonus story! 'full of the blood, guts and miraculous mayhem that other children's Bible stories are afraid to mention.
This book contains wildfire, a deadly sermon and a ten-headed monster!'

Are YOU brave enough for BEASTLY BIBLE STORIES?

Please note this is the larger size which is not re-printing


He's alive!
Escape to Emmaus
Holey Lord
Come and have breakfast

Daring disciples
Wind, wildfire and wonderful words
Standing up for Jesus
Total turnaround
Tuck in!

Turning the world upside down
Angelic escape
Prison break quake
From strength to strength
Shipwreck and snakebite

Beastly bonus story
The end and the beginning

About Claire Benton-Evans

Claire Benton-Evans writes exclusively for Kevin Mayhew. Her consultancy work includes all-age worship workshops and children’s spirituality training for clergy, worship leaders, head teachers and school governors.

You can learn more about Claire Benton-Evans at her website:

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