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Big G InterviewsBig G Interviews

Big G Interviews

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New Cover For 2015
Kevin Mayhew Publishers, in conjunction with Megabucks Television, proudly presents the scoop of the year! Here are the hitherto unpublished transcripts of the exclusive interviews between top Megabucks chat show host, Theodore (Theo) Logian, and God.Enjoy Theo's discomfort as he realises that many of the topics he had planned to discuss with Big G are not as cut and dried as he had thought. Share in Theo's surprise as God turns up in many forms - a schoolboy, a tramp, a cleaning lady.So, join the audience: heckle and applaud these one-off, never-to-be-repeated interviews between Theo and God... and then ask yourself what you think God would be like on a television chat show.


First encounter
A matter of faith
A plug for the book
G is for gender
The 'S' word
Slightly smaller G
Fragrance of heaven
The servant God

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