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Breaking The IceBreaking The Ice

Breaking The Ice

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Have you spent many hours wondering how to introduce a topic that has all the potential of becoming the biggest yawn since documentaries were invented?

Have you calculated how many mugs of tea have gone cold while you've waited for that vital spark of inspiration to ignite your grey cells? Have you ever been amazed at the ability of an audience to fall asleep while you're still sweating your way through the first sentence of your introduction? If you've been there then this book might just help you survive those initial embarrassing moments when everyone, including yourself, wonders what you're going on about.

There are over 100 themed ice-breakers covering numerous topics such as Anger, Doubt, Christian life, Faith; Honesty, Perseverance, Self Image, and Worry. Breaking the Ice is an invaluable resource for those leading church and youth groups, packed with innovative ideas to enable you to have fun and get to know each other whilst getting to grips with the topic you are looking at.

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