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Bumper Instant Art Worksheets - Book 2Bumper Instant Art Worksheets - Book 2

Bumper Instant Art Worksheets - Book 2

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Instant Art books contain pages and pages of artwork - all of which is photocopiable.

There is an amazing variety of content including worksheets, puzzles, word searches, pictures to colour, crack the codes, mazes, dot-to-dots, models to make, Bible verses to look up and cartoons.

Ideal for family services, Sunday schools, midweek clubs, holiday clubs and classroom use. 


God created all things
The Fall
God calls Abram
Jacob shows his bravery
The escape from Egypt
Victory over the Amalekites
God is on the move
The story of Deborah and Barak
David and Goliath
Saul anointed king
Solomon is made king
Josiah finds the book of the Law
Letting God rule
Solomon builds the temple
Egypt's beaten army
God made the earth
Isaiah's vision
God loves all people
Ezekiel's call
What is God like?
God gives us life
Nevbuchadnezzar's dream
The power of God
Let justice flow like a stream
Beat swords into ploughs
God knows us
God keeps us safe
We can trust God
God can help us
Love your enemies (1)
Love your enemies (2)
A full life
Pleasing God
Serving God
True freedom
Who's the greatest?
The glory of God
Thinking about God
Accepting God's gifts
God's gift of love
Jesus loves us all
God is always there
Choosing what is good (1)
Choosing what is good (2)
Lost and found
The Last Supper
Jesus in Gethsemane
The Resurrection
Sin destroys, God saves
God sets us free
Zechariah and the angel
Mary, the mother of Jesus
The birth of Jesus (1)
The birth of Jesus (2)
Born in a stable
Shepherds on the hills
The wise men
When Jesus was twelve
The wild man in the desert
The lost con
Jesus and Zacchaeus
On the road to Emmaus
Feeling bad
Putting things right (1)
Putting things right (2)
Putting things right (3)
The wedding in Cana of Galilee
Jesus and the Samaritan woman
Jesus was crucified
Jesus rose from the dead
God's family
Love one another
Help one another
The miraculous catch of fish
The gift of the Spirit
Jesus ascended into heaven
Saul's escape from Damascus
Peter in prison
The silversmiths' riot
Paul raises a young man from the dead
All parts of one body
Fruits of the Spirit
Living Stones

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