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Celtic LandscapesCeltic Landscapes

Celtic Landscapes

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Immerse yourself in the beautiful Celtic soundscapes of our calming, restful music compilation. Perfect for prayer and contemplation, let gentle instrumentation and over an hour of continuous music wash over you! Experience the magic of Celtic Landscapes.

Celtic Landscape by Kevin Duncan presents over an your of continuous music composed specifically to encourage calm, rest and relaxation. With beautiful Celtic instrumentation, the expressive melodies and simple harmonies will take you on a reflective journey through mountains and rivers, from sunrise to sunset. Ideal as background music for prayer and meditation or to help ease the stresses of the day, Celtic Landscape will create the perfect setting to inspire inner peace and relaxation.


Early sunrise
Ocean journey
Distant horizons
Nature's pathway
An island stream
Mountains in the mist
Caledonian skies
The river runs free
Reflections of the sea
The setting sun

About Kevin Duncan

Kevin Duncan is a composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist based in the UK. He has written and recorded many products for Kevin Mayhew Publishers. His work with Kevin Mayhew includes a range of solo piano albums, a collection of Celtic compositions, a range of jazz improvisation tutors and even a rock musical.

You can learn more about Kevin Duncan at his website:

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