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The Complete Children's Liturgy Book

The Complete Children's Liturgy Book

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Here is an all-embracing, child-centred liturgical programme which faithfully follows the Lectionary. The inspirational teaching ideas are the result of Katie Thompson's long experience within her own parish, during which the material was tested and refined. Photocopiable worksheets accompany the liturgy and there are 165 in total.


  1. Introduction
  2. First Sunday in Advent
  3. Second Sunday in Advent
  4. Third Sunday in Advent
  5. Fourth Sunday in Advent
  6. Christmas Day
  7. The Feast of the Holy Family
  8. Mary, Mother of God
  9. Second Sunday after Christmas
  10. Feast of the Epiphany
  11. The Baptism of the Lord
  12. First Sunday of Lent
  13. Second Sunday of Lent
  14. Third Sunday of Lent
  15. Fourth Sunday of Lent
  16. Fifth Sunday of Lent
  17. Palm (Passion) Sunday
  18. The Passion of Christ (Alternative version)
  19. Easter Sunday
  20. Second Sunday of Easter
  21. Third Sunday of Easter
  22. Fourth Sunday of Easter
  23. Fifth Sunday of Easter
  24. Sixth Sunday of Easter
  25. Seventh Sunday of Easter
  26. Feast of the Ascension of the Lord
  27. Feast of Pentecost
  28. Feast of the Trinity
  29. Feast of Corpus Christi
  30. Second Sunday of the Year
  31. Third Sunday of the Year
  32. Fourth Sunday of the Year
  33. Fifth Sunday of the Year
  34. Sixth Sunday of the Year
  35. Seventh Sunday of the Year
  36. Eighth Sunday of the Year
  37. Ninth Sunday of the Year
  38. Tenth Sunday of the Year
  39. Eleventh Sunday of the Year
  40. Twelfth Sunday of the Year
  41. Thirteenth Sunday of the Year
  42. Fourteenth Sunday of the Year
  43. Fifteenth Sunday of the Year
  44. Sixteenth Sunday of the Year
  45. Seventeenth Sunday of the Year
  46. Eighteenth Sunday of the Year
  47. Nineteenth Sunday of the Year
  48. Twentieth Sunday of the Year
  49. Twenty-first Sunday of the Year
  50. Twenty-second Sunday of the Year
  51. Twenty-third Sunday of the Year
  52. Twenty-fourth Sunday of the Year
  53. Twenty-fifth Sunday of the Year
  54. Twenty-sixth Sunday of the Year
  55. Twenty-seventh Sunday of the Year
  56. Twenty-eighth Sunday of the Year
  57. Twenty-ninth Sunday of the Year
  58. Thirtieth Sunday of the Year
  59. Thirty-first Sunday of the Year
  60. Thirty-second Sunday of the Year
  61. Thirty-third Sunday of the Year
  62. The Feast of Christ the King
  63. Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul
  64. The Feasts of the Transfiguration of the Lord
  65. Solemnity of the Assumption
  66. Solemnity of All Saints
  67. Harvest festival
  68. Songs 


  • Book Format - Paperback
  • Published - June 1995
  • Weight - 211g
  • Page Count - 350
  • Dimensions - 211 x 300 x 23 mm
  • ISBN - 9780862096366
  • ISBN 10 -  0862096367

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