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Contemplation Gentle  Music For ManualsContemplation Gentle  Music For Manuals

Contemplation Gentle Music For Manuals

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Instruments: Organ, Manuals
We know that organists are always on the lookout for music suitable for the quieter and more reflective parts of the service, so here is our latest lifeline for you. It is a bumper collection, great value for money and all beautifully written, as you would expect from our house composers.

Please note made to order items are non-returnable


A morning contemplation - Stanley Vann
An evening meditation - Stanley Vann
A prayer of peace - Michael Higgins
A prayer song - Andrew Moore
Aria - Richard Lloyd
Arietta - John Marsh
Arietta - Robert Jones
A sad piece - Andrew Moore
Benedictus - John Marsh
Calm thanksgiving - Colin Mawby
Cantilena - Richard Lloyd
Canto for Communion - Colin Hand
Carol - David Terry
Contemplation - Andrew Fletcher
Cradle song - Richard Lloyd
Elegy - Elizabeth Hill
Elegy - John Marsh
Elegy - Michael Higgins
Elegy - Robert Jones
Elevation - Andrew Wright
Et incarnatus est - Andrew Wright
Flights of fancy - Colin Hand
Forth in the peace of Christ - Michael Higgins
Gentle breeze - Colin Mawby
Godhead here in hiding - Andrew Wright
Grazioso - Andrew Moore
Idyll - Stanley Vann
Impromptu - Richard Lloyd
Improvisation - Andrew Fletcher
Improvisation - June Nixon
In mercy broken - Rosalie Bonighton
In retrospect - Rosalie Bonighton
Intermezzo - Andrew Fletcher
Invocation - John Marsh
Lacrimosa - June Nixon
Largo - Betty Roe
Lirico - Richard Lloyd
Litany - Michael Higgins
Lyric piece - Andrew Moore
Meditation - David Terry
Meditation - Elizabeth Hill
Meditative moments - Colin Hand
Meditative versets on an original Chorale - Stanley Vann
Melodie - David Terry
Morning light - Andrew Moore
Morning song - Rosalie Bonighton
Nocturne - David Terry
Pange lingua - June Nixon
Parisian cantabile - Andrew Wright
Pastoral - Elizabeth Hill
Pastorale - Andrew Wright
Pastorale - Rosalie Bonighton
Pavane - Elizabeth Hill
Piper's pleasure - Colin Hand
Praeludium - Michael Higgins
Prelude on Gwalchmai - Robert Jones
Quiet meditation - Colin Mawby
Reflection - Andrew Wright
Reflection - Betty Roe
Reflections in a quiet place - Rosalie Bonighton
Reverie - Norman Warren
Reverie - Stanley Vann
Romance - Robert Jones
Sarabande - Andrew Fletcher
Sarabande - David Terry
Serenade - Betty Roe
Serenade - John Marsh
Siciliano - Elizabeth Hill
Sicilienne - Robert Jones
Softly tread - Betty Roe
Soliloquy - Andrew Fletcher
Solitude - Betty Roe
Souling song - Colin Hand
Soul of my Saviour - June Nixon
Stillness - Colin Mawby
The beauty of holiness - Norman Warren
The vines - Norman Warren
Variations on Divine Mysteries - June Nixon
Via pacis - Norman Warren
Visions - Colin Mawby
Windrush - Norman Warren
Wintry scene - Andrew Wright