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Contemplation Gentle Music For OrganContemplation Gentle Music For Organ

Contemplation Gentle Music For Organ

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We know that organists are always on the lookout for music suitable for the quieter and more reflective parts of the service so here is another lifeline for you.


A morning contemplation - Stanley Vann
An evening meditation - Stanley Vann
A prayer of peace - Michael Higgins
A prayer song - Andrew Moore
Aria - Richard Lloyd
Arietta - John Marsh
Arietta - Robert Jones
A sad piece - Andrew Moore
Benedictus - John Marsh
Calm thanksgiving - Colin Mawby
Cantilena - Richard Lloyd
Canto for Communion - Colin Hand
Carol - David Terry
Contemplation - Andrew Fletcher
Cradle song - Richard Lloyd
Elegy - Elizabeth Hill
Elegy - John Marsh
Elegy - Michael Higgins
Elegy - Robert Jones
Elevation - Andrew Wright
Et incarnatus est - Andrew Wright
Flights of fancy - Colin Hand
Forth in the peace of Christ - Michael Higgins
Gentle breeze - Colin Mawby
Godhead here in hiding - Andrew Wright
Grazioso - Andrew Moore
Idyll - Stanley Vann
Impromptu - Richard Lloyd
Improvisation - Andrew Fletcher
Improvisation - June Nixon
In mercy broken - Rosalie Bonighton
In retrospect - Rosalie Bonighton
Intermezzo - Andrew Fletcher
Invocation - John Marsh
Lacrimosa - June Nixon
Largo - Betty Roe
Lirico - Richard Lloyd
Litany - Michael Higgins
Lyric piece - Andrew Moore
Meditation - David Terry
Meditation - Elizabeth Hill
Meditative moments - Colin Hand
Meditative versets on an original chorale - Stanley Vann
Melodie - David Terry
Morning light - Andrew Moore
Morning song - Rosalie Bonighton
Nocturne - David Terry
Pange lingua - June Nixon
Parisian cantabile - Andrew Wright
Pastoral - Elizabeth Hill
Pastorale - Andrew Wright
Pastorale - Rosalie Bonighton
Pavane - Elizabeth Hill
Piper's pleasure - Colin Hand
Praeludium - Michael Higgins
Prelude on Gwalchmai - Robert Jones
Quiet meditation - Colin Mawby
Reflection - Andrew Wright
Reflection - Betty Roe
Reflections in a quiet place - Rosalie Bonighton
Reverie - Norman Warren
Reverie - Stanley Vann
Romance - Robert Jones
Sarabande - Andrew Fletcher
Sarabande - David Terry
Serenade - Betty Roe
Serenade - John Marsh
Siciliano - Elizabeth Hill
Sicilienne - Robert Jones
Softly tread - Betty Roe
Soliloquy - Andrew Fletcher
Solitude - Betty Roe
Souling song - Colin Hand
Soul of my Saviour - June Nixon
Stillness - Colin Mawby
The beauty of holiness - Norman Warren
The vines - Norman Warren
Variations on divine mysteries - June Nixon
Via pacis - Norman Warren
Visions - Colin Mawby
Windrush - Norman Warren
Wintry scene - Andrew Wright

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