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Credible WitnessesCredible Witnesses

Credible Witnesses

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John's Gospel includes a broad spectrum of witnesses to Jesus, whose wide-ranging responses and stories are an attempt to persuade audiences of their points of view on Jesus, which range from positive to negative. The evangelist wants his readers to become more confident in their faith, hence his desire to tell a credible story (or series of stories) about Jesus.

Credible Witnesses follows John's lead by allowing many of his characters to speak about Jesus by telling their stories. This involves imagination and even conjecture at times. In each of the chapters of this book, a character's testimony is illuminated with some background information, before going on to show how John uses the testimony as part of the witness of his Gospel as a whole. Each chapter ends with some reflections that help to draw John's Gospel into the present.


John the Evangelist
John the Baptist
The mother of Jesus
The Samaritan woman
The royal official
The paralysed man
The hungry man in the large crowd
The woman brought before Jesus
The man born blind
Mary, the sister of Lazarus
Pontius Pilate
Joseph of Arimathea
Mary Magdalene
Simon Peter
The Beloved Disciple
Conclusion: The Abiding Spirit of Jesus
Appendix: The Poetry of Wisdom


  • Format - Paperback
  • Published - November 2016
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  • ISBN - 9781848678750
  • ISBN 10 - 1848678754

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