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Dont Try This At Home - Bk 1Dont Try This At Home - Bk 1

Dont Try This At Home - Bk 1

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Book 1 starts off with easy piano pieces (Pre-grade 1-2) and Book 2 progresses to an intermediate level (Grade 3-4).

Fostering good technique and musicianship, these varied sets of characterful pieces enable individuals to have fun with their music learning and skill development. Designed to instantly engage, they're sure to pique children's mischievousness, whilst maintaining the highest standards of musical rigour. Play them if you dare!

These pieces are absolutely great. They offer a healthy degree of challenge whilst still being fun and engaging to play! My daughter loves them. Sophie Hadaway
'Cross country chromatic' is a delightfully cheeky piece of music that my daughter has enjoyed practicing as much as we have loved listening to the finished article. Gillie Perkins
These fun-filled pieces will inspire any young budding pianist. Nick has the ability to stimulate the imagination with these challenging but entertaining compositions. Liz Screen
Nick is a brilliant piano teacher and I love playing his music. I love my piano lessons. Caoimhe Chambers (aged 8)

Pre-Grade 1-2


Bonkers conkers
Sweets in my pocket
Need a hug?
Wonky wi-fi
Skipping breakfast
Corridor cricket
Custard for lunch
Grazed knees
Covered in mud
Sick note
Trick or treat tango
Getting away with it
Cross country chromatic
Just a scratch