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Dont Try This At Home - Bk 2Dont Try This At Home - Bk 2

Dont Try This At Home - Bk 2

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Book 1 starts off with easy piano pieces (Pre-grade 1-2) and Book 2 progresses to an intermediate level (Grade 3-4).

Fostering good technique and musicianship, these varied sets of characterful pieces enable individuals to have fun with their music learning and skill development. Designed to instantly engage, they're sure to pique children's mischievousness, whilst maintaining the highest standards of musical rigour. Play them if you dare!

These colourful pieces might be just the thing to fire the imagination of a young pianist with moderate technical skills. Paul Drayton, Composer, Conductor, Pianist and Teacher
We really fell on our feet engaging Nick to tutor Eva. An inspiring teacher like Nick extracts the very best from his students. His beautifully composed pieces are joyful to listen to and entice Eva to practice often and thoroughly. Andrea Duford
These fun-filled, imaginative and well-written pieces are perfect for the piano teacher looking for pieces to work on between grade exams. Up-to-date and in a variety of styles, including swing, each piece focuses on a particular technical or musical element. I highly recommend them. Andy McFarlane, Music Teacher
Nick is a brilliant piano teacher and I love playing his music. I love my piano lessons. Caoimhe Chambers (aged 8)

Grade 3-4


Owning Up
Midnight Fridge Raid
Daydreaming at Dinnertime
Downhill Stair Skiing
Wall Doodling
Cheeky Chops
Waiting up for Santa
Cushion Constructions
Dressing the Dog
The Great (Homework) Escape
Door Swinging
Halloween Teen
Sneaking up to Bed
Soft Spot
Sunnyside Shoes