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Essential Lefebure-Wely For OrganEssential Lefebure-Wely For Organ

Essential Lefebure-Wely For Organ

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Organists love playing Lefébure-Wély because his music is approachable, melodic and feels right for the instrument which is just as it should be because he was a famous player of the instrument.

In this bumper collection of 220 pages you'll find all the best-known pieces (including the Sortie in B flat) and as well as some discoveries.


Boléro de concert
ChÀur de voix humaines
Élévation in E
March in C
March in Eb
Offertoire in A
Offertoire in Bb
Offertoire in C
Offertoire in C
Offertoire in C minor
Offertoire in F
Offertoire in F
Offertoire in G
Offertoire in G
Romance sans paroles
Scène pastorale
Sortie in Bb
Sortie in Eb
Sortie in G minor