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Experiencing God In Unexpected PlacesExperiencing God In Unexpected Places

Experiencing God In Unexpected Places

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Aimed at a variety of readerships, Experiencing God in Unexpected Places is for those who want to know more about the meaning and significance of the Beatitudes, and to gain a greater understanding of the nature of joy and blessing.

The book will also help people who are coming to terms with difficult times, and all those who struggle to understand how we can experience God, his joy and blessing, even in the more negative situations in life - sometimes more so.

Patrick Coghlan examines how we are able to deal with the more negative experiences often faced in life; to have a deeper joy, to receive more of God's blessing, and to experience the Triune God (God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit) in new and significant ways eternally. Also, how we can appreciate more fully all the joy and blessings that God showers upon us on a daily basis; though not everyone attributes them to God.

Each Beatitude is divided into two halves, which are looked at in alternate chapters. The first half is the challenge of the Beatitude, and the second half is the blessing of the Beatitude. The Appendix at the end of the resource invites and assists the reader to go on a physical journey of prayer, based on the Beatitudes.


Chapter 1: Experiencing God in the things that money can't buy

Chapter 2: The kingdom is like... (A meditation on the blessing)

Chapter 3: Experiencing God in loss

Chapter 4: Longing to be comforted (A meditation on the blessing)

Chapter 5: Experiencing God in submission

Chapter 6: Our inheritance (A meditation on the blessing)

Chapter 7: Experiencing God in emptiness

Chapter 8: Being filled (A meditation on the blessing)

Chapter 9:Experiencing God in forgiving

Chapter 10: We can be forgiven (A meditation on the blessing)

Chapter 11: Experiencing God in living a holy lifestyle

Chapter 12: Seeing God (A meditation on the blessing)

Chapter 13: Experiencing God in promoting peace

Chapter 14: Being a child of God (A meditation on the blessing)

Chapter 15: Experiencing God in ridicule and opposition

Chapter 16: Theirs is the kingdom of heaven (A meditation on the blessing)

Chapter 17: Rewarded in heaven (A meditation on the blessing)

Epilogue: Being a blessing to others

Appendix: Making the journey An imaginative prayer response

First stage
Second stage
Third stage
Fourth stage
Fifth stage
Sixth stage
Seventh stage
Eighth stage
Ninth stage
Tenth stage
Eleventh stage

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