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Fifty Fun-Filled SundaysFifty Fun-Filled Sundays

Fifty Fun-Filled Sundays

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If your Sunday School sessions seem part wrestling match, part crowd control, then this is exactly what you need. And before you know it, the children won't be the only ones enjoying themselves; you will be, too.

With a huge and imaginative range of 'thinking' and 'doing' games, quick dramas and mimes to act out, prayer times and even a 'talky bit' for each session, you will never again feel that Sunday morning panic! Instead, as emphasised through the provision of each activity, you will not only be sharing the gospel with some of the most wonderful and exciting people on Earth, you will also building a trust with them, and from that providing true pastoral support. Amazing what you can do with glue, glitter and enthusiasm, isn't it?

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