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Finding A Way - With VocalsFinding A Way - With Vocals

Finding A Way - With Vocals

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Barbara Glasson's fresh, compelling lyrics are beautifully complemented by Rod Boucher's impassioned music in these 21 dynamic new songs.

The powerful words have emerged out of Barbara's context, her frustrations and joys, her urban environment, but they will equally resonate with other contexts and emotions.

Some songs reflect anger and confusion, others a profound and growing conviction that we need to listen more carefully to those around us and open up spaces of hospitality in our communities. For a Printable Pdf of the Lyrics Click here.

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1. B-b-b Bless this hard city
2. Beyond words
3. Bring me your solitude
4. Don't be afraid
5. Do you love me more?
6. Finding a way
7. Good Lord, deliver us
8. Hold tight
9. It's the morning after
10. Just dust
11. Listen up
12. Living water
13. Make a cave in our souls
14. Open the door
15. Set the sail on your boat
16. The man of the margins
17. There's a long way
18. The Tango of our lives
19. We remember you
20. What can we say?
21. Where you're going I will follow

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