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First Aid Kit For Feelings - The Blob TreeFirst Aid Kit For Feelings - The Blob Tree

First Aid Kit For Feelings - The Blob Tree

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A first-aid approach to mental health using the Blob Trees and ideal as a resource for schools and youth clubs.

The Blob Trees are the best loved and most widely-used resource in youth work and informal education. These adaptable characters help people to self-reflect, open up and put words to their struggles. The Blob Trees are both fun and serious, and people can find breakthroughs without even knowing that they are looking.

Now the Blobs are on hand to help people understand their own emotional health. The authors have had years of experience in delivering emotional health training to teachers and students, in large groups, small groups and one-to-ones. The reflections and sessions in this book can transform people's understanding of their own emotional health. As people work through these topics, on their own or in groups, they can develop a first-aid kit for feelings which they can use as a first response when emotions become difficult.

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