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Flute Fusions - Book 3Flute Fusions - Book 3

Flute Fusions - Book 3

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To really improve the way you play your instrument you must be confident in taking risks. By breaking away from convention you can quickly discover not only just how capable you are, but also understand the true flexibility of your chosen instrument. Flute Fusions, which includes two solo flute parts and an accompanying CD, will enable you to do just that.

Composed to be played without the lead, or both flute parts, with the CD, or live with friends, you will quickly come to understand and love different time signatures and the complexities of unusual world rhythms. You will also be encouraged to improvise!

This unique and truly exciting resource includes music from performers who are all principals with leading London orchestras and whose joint experience includes collaborating with Deep Purple and Paul McCartney, as well as recording the film scores for Star Wars and Harry Potter.


Book 3
Clonakilty dawn