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Fourteen Stations Of The CrossFourteen Stations Of The Cross

Fourteen Stations of the Cross

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Instruments: Organ
An immensely impressive and mature composition for the recital organist. In turn dramatic, harrowing and tender, this music is specially suited to Lenten and Holy Week use, but it is ideal as the centrepiece of any programme.

The work was inspired by the sculptured reliefs of the Stations that are on view in the Cistercian monastic church in Altenburg, Germany. Each of the first thirteen pieces are a variation on a theme which is only heard in its complete form when the fourteenth Station is reached.Included in the Pipe Organ Exam Syllabus 2014 Grades 4, 5 & 6.


Jesus is condemned to death
Jesus receives his cross
Jesus falls the first time
Jesus meets his blessed mother
The cross is laid upon Simon of Cyrene
Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
Jesus falls the second time
Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem
Jesus falls the third time
Jesus is stripped of his garments
Jesus is nailed to the cross
Jesus dies on the cross
Jesus is taken down from the cross
Jesus is laid in the sepulchre