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Grab It And Go AssembliesGrab It And Go Assemblies

Grab It And Go Assemblies

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Key Stage 1 - 2

50 special acts of collective worship for primary schools
This latest offering - the fourth in Denis O'Gorman's mega successful series - includes straightforward stories to which children from any background, not just Christian, can relate.


A fishy story
All they could afford
Always read the small print
As much as you want
Boco at the festival
Cacky Kenny
Go! You've got to go!
Going back to Derryvene
Just as I promised
Last in the race
Lost on the moor
Meeting the king
Neat and tidy
No smoking
Starving for a day
The angry bowler
The charity shop
The crystal glass
The gardener's happy surprise
The ginger cat
The gossips
The graffiti
The haunted house
The holiday caravan
The horrible drive
The little cottage
The lonely duck pond
The lonely lady in the park
The missing car keys
The mouth of truth
The naughty sheep
The nosy sheep
The pickled sandwiches
The pigeons and the sparrows
The rose garden
The shanty-town kids
The skinny boy
The ten-pound note
The turban
The turnips and the turkey
The twins
The warm welcome
The wheat field
The York-share pudding
Trying to earn Dad's praise
Uncle Will's forgotten poems
What's a body worth?
When God said, 'No'
When the fence fell down
You can't have everything

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