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Great Big Book Of Pieces For Mostly ManualsGreat Big Book Of Pieces For Mostly Manuals

Great Big Book Of Pieces For Mostly Manuals

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Not the dreaded pedals! - that's the cry of many pianists who come to playing the organ later in life as well as organists who are just starting out. To give them confidence we have put together this collection of 100 pieces with Grade 4-6 in the keyboard but only basic pedal movements: sometimes there is just one note to play and never more than about six.So surprise your congregation and friends when they hear those lovely bass notes singing out!


A gentle sarabande - Christopher Tambling
A tender spiritual - Stanley Vann
Adagio - Rosalie Bonighton
Advent aria - Adrian Vernon Fish
Andante con moto - Christopher Tambling
Ave maris stella - Colin Mawby
Ave maris stella - Andrew Moore
Benediction - June Nixon
Bishops' processional - Betty Roe
Bring him gold, incense and myrrh - Colin Mawby
Cantilena - Stanley Vann
Carillon - Adrian Vernon Fish
Chanson on 'St Patrick's Breastplate' - Richard Proulx
Choral - Stanley Vann
Christus Pastor Rex - Rosalie Bonighton
Compline Colin Mawby
Decorative duo - John Bertalot
Elegy - Richard Lloyd
Festival march - Christopher Tambling
Festival toccata - Christopher Tambling
Festive joy - Simon Clark
Fleurette - Richard Lloyd
Gavotte and jig - Betty Roe
Gospel procession - Rosalie Bonighton
Herba Trinitas - Richard Lloyd
Improvisation on 'Crimond' - June Nixon
Interval - Richard Lloyd
Joy - Colin Mawby
Joyful processional - Colin Mawby
Litterarum ordine - Richard Proulx
Little rhapsody - Malcolm Archer
Little sarabande - Adrian Vernon Fish
Lullaby - Richard Lloyd
Musette - Stanley Vann
On an old German melody - Malcolm Archer
Ordinary time - more or less - Rosalie Bonighton
Palm Sunday processional - Christopher Tambling
Passacaglia on a Danish threefold amen - Martin Setchell
Passacaglietta - Andrew Moore
Pastorale - Richard Lloyd
Pastorale - Richard Lloyd
Pastorale prelude - John Bertalot
Postlude - Andrew Moore
Prelude - Christopher Tambling
Prelude on 'Addison's' (London) - Rosalie Bonighton
Prelude on 'Albano' - Adrian Vernon Fish
Prelude on 'Battle hymn' - Richard Lloyd
Prelude on 'Beatitudo' - June Nixon
Prelude on 'Be still and know' - Andrew Moore
Prelude on 'Chartres' (Angers) - Betty Roe
Prelude on 'Christ arose' - Christopher Tambling
Prelude on 'Conditor alme siderum' - Quentin Thomas
Prelude on 'Diadem' - Rosalie Bonighton
Prelude on 'Dies Dominica' - Adrian Vernon Fish
Prelude on 'Eisenach' - Richard Lloyd
Prelude on 'Engelberg' - Andrew Moore
Prelude on 'Farley Castle' - June Nixon
Prelude on 'Golden sheaves' - Betty Roe
Prelude on 'Gott will's machen' - Christopher Tambling
Prelude on 'Hursley' - Stanley Vann
Prelude on 'Innocents' - Rosalie Bonighton
Prelude on 'Just a closer walk' - Andrew Fletcher
Prelude on 'Lübeck' ('Gott sei dank') - Martin Setchell
Prelude on 'Lux Benigna' - Richard Lloyd
Prelude on 'Lyngham' - June Nixon
Prelude on 'Ode to joy' - Betty Roe
Prelude on 'Olivet' - Martin Setchell
Prelude on 'Rendez Ý Dieu' - Stanley Vann
Prelude on 'St Felix' - Betty Roe
Prelude on 'St Flavian' - June Nixon
Prelude on 'St Margaret' - Richard Pantcheff
Prelude on 'Salzburg' - Rosalie Bonighton
Prelude on 'Sandon' - Adrian Vernon Fish
Prelude on 'Southwell' (Irons) - Richard Lloyd
Prelude on 'Te lucis ante terminum' - Martin Setchell
Prelude on 'To God be the glory' - Christopher Tambling
Prelude on 'Unde et memores' - Quentin Thomas
Prelude on 'Veni, Sancte Spiritus' - Colin Mawby
Prelude on 'Wachet auf ' - Rosalie Bonighton
Prelude on 'What a friend' (Converse) - Andrew Fletcher
Prelude on 'Wychbold' - Richard Lloyd
Reflection on 'Adoro te devote' - Andrew Moore
Reflections - Colin Mawby
Remembrance - Andrew Gant
Rêverie - Noel Rawsthorne
Rêverie - Richard Shephard
Rêverie - Norman Warren
Rhapsody - Richard Lloyd
Scherzetto - Christopher Tambling
Scherzo - Martin Setchell
Semplice - Andrew Moore
Seventh heaven - Andrew Gant
Solemn procession - Paul Bryan
Solemn ritual - Colin Mawby
Song of peace - Paul Bryan
Song tune - John Bertalot
Toccata on 'St Agnes' - Andrew Moore
Trumpet tune - Norman Warren
Trumpet tune and trio - John Bertalot
Ubi caritas - Colin Mawby