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Hard Pews, Boring Sermons And No Loos?Hard Pews, Boring Sermons And No Loos?

Hard Pews, Boring Sermons And No Loos?

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Excuses and reasons why people don't go to church

Popular author John Cox offers suggestions why fewer people are going to church these days and where the church needs to take action.

In the first part of the book he looks at the main reasons people give - some of them may even be just excuses but should not be ignored by churches.

The second part of the book considers the impact of the consumerist society and the scientific revolution on people's beliefs and behaviour.

The book concludes with insights from the incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection that offer ways forward and reminders of what must not be lost.

About John Cox

Since ordination, nearly 40 years ago, John has been a parish priest; Senior Selection Secretary at Church House, Westminster; Director of Ordinands, and Canon at Southwark Cathedral;

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