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Harmony In WorshipHarmony In Worship

Harmony In Worship

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Here is an excellent resource for all those interested in the part music can play in worship. At its very best music can enhance so many aspects of worship - from joyous praise to quiet contemplation.

When all is in harmony, all is well, but relationships play an important part and sometimes are 'off key'. Not only does the book offer suggestions and questions to stimulate those responsible for worship but it also suggests ways to help ensure ministers, organists and worship leaders all sing from the same song sheet.

Contents include chapters on hymns, choirs, organists, the changing face of music in church and instruments. The authors, a well-respected organist and a recently retired clergyman with a music degree, have produced a valuable book to provoke discussion and encourage the part music plays in worship.


About the authors
1. Music in worship
2. Working together
3. Hymns
4. The changing face
5. Service music
6. Choirs
7. Where have all the organists gone?
8. When it goes wrong
9. Instruments and maintenance
Concluding voluntary

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