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How To Plan And Lead Your Own Collective Worship + Cd RomHow To Plan And Lead Your Own Collective Worship + Cd Rom

How To Plan And Lead Your Own Collective Worship

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Accompanying downloads with PowerPoint presentation and many other resources.

This book is aimed at Catholic schools and provides a step-by-step guide for children and young people to help them plan and lead their own collective worship. Written so that it can be used independently by upper Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3, the book details the building blocks of collective worship and then explains how children and young people can use these building blocks to plan and structure their own act of worship.

Patricia Ainge provides a wealth of resources to help them get started, from suggestions for Scripture readings to suit different occasions to ideas about how to explore these readings to find the message for today.

While the bulk of the book is written for young people, there are two short sections for the adults that support them where, among other things, ideas are given for using the book with younger children, or as a class resource. A PowerPoint presentation to support this is found in the downloads that accompanies the book, together with many resources to print and use.

Planning and leading collective worship is immensely satisfying for young people, enabling them to use their gifts and their own experience to explore their relationship with God. It also provides an opportunity to develop skills such as leadership and teamwork, as well as giving young people a means to respond to different moments in their lives. This book is an essential resource to help them do that.

Although written from a Catholic perspective, the idea of the book is that it could be suitable for all schools, including non-faith schools.



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