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How To Pray - Expressing Our Concern Mp3How To Pray - Expressing Our Concern Mp3

How To Pray - Expressing Our Concern

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Weaving together music, words of Scripture, poems, hymn-texts and a selection of prayers (both his own and others), Nick Fawcett offers here 100 devotional sessions: 20 in each of the five double CDs - sessions that you will want to turn to again and again. Not only will these sessions bring times of prayer to life; they will also help all of life become a prayer.


For real and lasting change in our world
For an end to war and hatred
For those scarred by life
For those seeking peace
For those seeking help and strength
For our broken world
For the sorrowful and suffering
For those wrestling with questions
For our loved ones
For those in despair
For the sick and those and those who care for them
For the environment and all responisble for its upkeep
For all who aork for a better world
For those shattered by the demands of life
For hope, help and healing in a fractured world
For the poor
For the victims of prejudice
For the oppressed and disadvantaged
For those in need of God's touch
For the Church and its ministry in the world

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