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How To Pray - Expressing Our Needs Mp3How To Pray - Expressing Our Needs Mp3

How To Pray - Expressing Our Needs

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Weaving together music, words of Scripture, poems, hymn-texts and a selection of prayers (both his own and others), Nick Fawcett offers here 100 devotional sessions: 20 in each of the five double CDs - sessions that you will want to turn to again and again. Not only will these sessions bring times of prayer to life; they will also help all of life become a prayer.


When we first awake
When troubled by thoughts of ill health, old age or death
When seeking a deeper knowlesge of God
When in need of patience
When feeling up against it
When we lose sight of God's presence
When feeling dissatisfied with our lot
When wrestling with temptation
When craving peace
When struggling to (Practice) what we preach
When seeking guidance
When prayers seem unanswered
When finding it hard to trust
When uncertain how to pray
When feeling anxious
When wrestling with doubt
When looking to deepen our commitment
When in need of strength and protection
When need of wisdom and discernment
When the day draws to a close

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