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Instrumental Worship 2Instrumental Worship 2

Instrumental Worship 2

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A collection of beautiful instrumental music, perfect to help inspire or reflect during times of prayer


Disk 1
01 Jesus Christ
02 Blessed Be Your Name
03 All Heaven Declares
04 In Green Pastures
05 Be Still
06 Jesus Shall Take The Highest Ho
07 How Deep The Father's Love For
08 Communion
09 Sun Of Our Night
10 Magnificat
11 Open The Eyes Of My Heart
12 The Lord's My Shepherd
13 Over All The Earth
14 Kernag
15 Ave Maria
16 Send Forth Your Spirit, Lord
17 The Heart Of Worship
18 Great Is The Lord
19 Tide Change
20 Lord, I Come To You

Disk 2
01 Lord, I lift your name on high
02 A blessing
03 How great is our God
04 Beside still waters
05 O Lord, listen to my prayer
06 Faithful One, so Unchanging
07 Come, now is the time to worship)
08 The Call
09 God be in my head
10 Light of the world (Here I am t
11 Lord, I come to you
12 Jesus is the name we honour
13 Veni, lumen cordium
14 All my days (Beautiful Saviour)
15 Lord, reign in me
16 Silent, surrendered
17 People get ready
18 From heaven you came (The Servant King)
19 You, Lord, are in this place
20 Only by grace

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