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Irish Jigs & Reels For Fiddle

Irish Jigs & Reels For Fiddle

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Stages: Grade 5


One reel

Over the moor to Maggie
Two reels

Father Kelly's
Father Kelly's too
Paddy on the turnpike
Heather breeze
Return to Miltown
Sailor on the rock

Three reels

Sally gardens
Shannon breeze
Temperance reel
Peter Street
Star of Munster
Jenny's chickens

Two jigs

Gander in the pratie hole

Two jigs

Munster buttermilk
Road to Lisdoonvara

One jig

Old grey goose

Two jigs

Old woman tossed up in a blanket
Tea song

Three jigs

Irish washerwoman
Lannigan's ball
Pay the reckoning
Tobin's favourite
Connaughtman's rambles
Top of Cork Road