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It's Not Your Fault You'Re StressedIt's Not Your Fault You'Re Stressed

It's Not Your Fault You're Stressed

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Do you ever feel it's all got a bit too much? No matter how hard you work, you feel you haven't done enough and it's your fault?

Anyone in a position of leadership is likely to have felt like this at some time. If the feelings persist and become worse, pressure can lead to stress, breakdown and burnout, an illness every bit as real as physical illness, only more hidden and more difficult to admit to.

Speaking from his experience of leadership in the church, John Cox tackles the subject of stress - related depression in this guide to basic principles about how to stay healthy as a leader and how to offer healthy leadership. Drawing on some of the acknowledged and researched ideas of the experts, he puts those ideas into the context of the Christian faith and of people we meet in the Bible.


About the author


Chapter 1: How are you feeling?
What kind of illness?
Physical self
Emotional, thinking self
Spiritual self
Social self

Chapter 2: A matter of time
Great if you are feeling fine
But what if you are not?
Pressures of time
Time is elastic
Working harder and harder
Love yourself and have a break
How do you spend your time?

Chapter 3: A little help from your friends
Receiving the call
The stressed leader and his work consultant
The game of 'But'
Handing over and letting go

Chapter 4: Getting personal
Not everyone loves you
I, It, You and Thou
Tricky things, relationships
Longing to be loved
Having favourites can still be fair
The relationship with yourself
Three strenghs, three vulnerabilities
Undermining fear
Inflated fear
On your feet

Chapter 5: But I tell you...
Be good at receiving
Guilty is good
Be not perfect
Thank God for a crisis

Chapter 6: I am a worm and no man
Sophie's tale
Charlie's story
The search for approval
The fear of blame
Compensatory ploys
Change of heart
Recovering the 'old' you
A proper self-love
We all need GOBs

Chapter 7: The good leader - the good shepherd
Old fashioned
The sheherd in the Bible
Leaders as sheperds
God as shepherd
The Good Shepherd
Six points to think about:

Chapter 8: The ABC for healthy leader

Healthy letters
Letters to avoid

About John Cox

Since ordination, nearly 40 years ago, John has been a parish priest; Senior Selection Secretary at Church House, Westminster; Director of Ordinands, and Canon at Southwark Cathedral;

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