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Justice Like A River - AudioJustice Like A River - Audio

Justice Like A River - Audio

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The Christian faith impels us to seek justice - we see this especially in Jesus' ministry, and in the message of the prophets and so it is very clear that God loves justice. It is an integral part of the gospel and this is what Jesus did - ministering to the people that were marginalised and oppressed - ministering to the people that didn't count in his time.'


Feast your mind on what is pure
He broke the rules
Happy to share
Justice like a river
One of us, flesh and blood
You're the one
We've silenced the prophets
We hear your cry, Lord
Be the hands of Jesus
Teach us how to walk
We will pray for you, sister
We saw beauty in the ashes
If we have never sought
Let the world be changed

About Garth Hewitt

Singer, songwriter and author Garth Hewitt has been recording songs for nearly 40 years, and has released over 40 albums. Garth’s music and writings reflect a spirituality of hope and a simple way of life that rejects violence and affirms equality and human rights.

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