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Living Well Complete Resource BookLiving Well Complete Resource Book

Living Well Complete Resource Book

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Rather than teaching directly about the Christian faith, Living Well offers people a fresh way of looking at daily life that affirms our humanness in the context of God's love.
It meets people where they are, opens up possibilities and celebrates the privilege of being alive.

Living Well is relaxed and flexible - centred around a fair-trade cafe-style weekend breakfast or lunch, and designed across the full range to encourage practical community building.

It runs weekly for four weeks and then once a month for the rest of the year - fifteen sessions in all lasting for an hour and a half each, including refreshments.
The resource book is extremely easy to use and attractively designed in full colour with everything ready-made for you as a digital resource. There are also eight gift books that can be presented to the participants.


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About Susan Sayers

A teacher by profession, Susan Sayers was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church and, before retirement her work was divided between the parish of Westcliff-on-Sea,the local women's prison, writing, training days and retreats.

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