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Moving On MusicalMoving On Musical

Moving On Musical

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It's getting near to the end of term and one group of friends in particular are ready not only for their summer holiday but also their move to High (Senior) School in the autumn. The staff, however are determined to keep the children focused until the end of term! They decide to set them a challenge, that of organising the school's Summer Fair, to encourage teamwork and responsibility. Some arguments between the pupils ensue, resulting in the class splitting into two rival teams. The day of the fair finally arrives but the event is threatened with disaster. Can the children work together to save the day? Find out in this musical tale of friendship and teamwork.

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Getting ready for moving on
Incidental music 1
They're getting too big for their boots
They're getting too big for their boots (reprise)
Incidental music 2
It's up to you (us)
Incidental music 3
Bringing up children's not easy
Incidental music 4
I just don't get it
Incidental music 5
I'm really looking forward to my holidays!
Incidental music 6
Pull together everybody
Incidental music 7
A very good day
Curtain calls / Getting ready for moving on (reprise)

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