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Music for the Catholic Choir and Music Group - Book 2

Music for the Catholic Choir and Music Group - Book 2

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These two collections of liturgical songs, motets and chants are ideal for the choir or music group or both together. Whilst all the pieces may be sung in unison with organ accompaniment, many have optional second parts and there are also lines which may be taken by instruments.

This is approachable music of real quality which is enjoyable both to perform and to listen to. And the value per item would be hard to beat!


Book 1
A Celtic blessing - Martin Setchell
Behold, the Lord will come - Colin Mawby
Come to me - Rosalie Bonighton
Let love be real - Christopher Tambling
Let our praise to you - Malcolm Archer
Listen - Aniceto Nazareth
Lord of creation - Colin Mawby
Magnificat - Kevin Mayhew
O eternal God - Kevin Mayhew
Panis angelicus - Franck
Pie Jesu - Fauré
Praise our God - Andrew Moore
Praise to the Lord - Richard Lloyd
Rejoice in the Lord - Malcolm Archer
Resurrexit - Colin Mawby
Save us, O Lord - Kevin Mayhew
Song for a young prophet - Damian Lundy
The cup of blessing - Malcolm Archer
We adore you, O Christ - Kevin Mayhew
When I survey the wondrous cross - Malcolm Archer
Book 2
A Celtic benediction - Rodney Bambrick
A new commandment - Malcom Archer
Ave verum corpus - Mozart
Be known to us, Lord Jesus - Rosalie Bonighton
Christ was humbled for us - Malcolm Archer
Come and bring your gifts - Richard Shephard
Come, Spirit of our God - Alan Rees
Create a pure heart in me - Colin Mawby
Give thanks to the Lord our God - Richard Lloyd
Great indeed are your works, O Lord - Aniceto Nazareth
Holy God - Kevin Mayhew
Litany of joy and peace - Colin Mawby
Love is God's only law - Andrew Moore
Love the Lord - Andrew Moore
Non nobis - Andrew Gant
Sing, Holy Mother - Kevin Mayhew
The Lord comes down from heaven - Andrew Moore
This world you have made - Susan Sayers
What kind of man - Christopher Tambling
With all my heart - Kevin Mayhew