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No Ordinary Story (To Put It Another Way)No Ordinary Story (To Put It Another Way)

No Ordinary Story (To Put It Another Way)

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The parables - we know them so well. Or do we? We may think we have learnt everything they have to teach us, but in these unforgettable stories can be found some of Jesus' most powerful and challenging teaching about the nature of discipleship and the kingdom of God.

No Ordinary Stories , does not set out to add anything to the words of Jesus - those stand complete in themselves. Rather, each of the 38 meditations focuses on a particular aspect of what he said and seeks to draw out its implications for our own lives.

The Meditations can be used independently to give a fresh perspective on the Bible readings and are also woven into 11 themed services for in-depth exploration of Jesus' teaching in the parables.

No Ordinary Stories was originally published under the titleTo put it another way.Photocopy: The contents of this book may be photocopied by the church purchasing it without copyright infringement. For commercial reproduction, please contact our copyright department.


  1. Introduction
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. Meditations - Faith in Action
  4. Meditations - Treasure in Heaven
  5. Meditations - Using our Gifts
  6. Meditations - Coming in Faith
  7. Meditations - Lost and Found
  8. Meditations - Forgive us our trespasses
  9. Meditations - The First and the Last
  10. Meditations Glimpsing the Kingdom
  11. Meditations  - A Day of Reckoning
  12. Services and Quiet Days - Faith in Action
  13. Services and Quiet Days - Treasure in Heaven
  14. Services and Quiet Days - Using our Gifts
  15. Services and Quiet Days - Coming in Faith
  16. Services and Quiet Days - Lost and Found
  17. Services and Quiet Days - Forgive us our trespasses
  18. Services and Quiet Days - The first and the last
  19. Services and Quiet Days - Glimpsing the Kingdom
  20. Services and Quiet Days - A Day of reckoning
  21. Index of Bible Reading
  22. Index of Principal Themes


  • Format - paperback
  • Published - November 2000
  • Weight - 454g
  • Page Count - 191
  • Dimensions - 174 x 255 x 8 mm
  • ISBN - 9781840036572
  • ISBN 10 - 1840036575

About Nick Fawcett

Brought up in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Nick Fawcett served as a Baptist minister for 13 years, and as a chaplain with TocH for 3, before deciding to focus on writing and editing, which he continues with today,

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