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On The One RoadOn The One Road

On The One Road

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Behind every good man there is a good woman, an old saying has it, and in the case of Brian Fahy, there are two good women - so the force is definitely with him!

In the run of his life Brian was blessed with a good Irish mother, Ellen, and with a lovely Irish/Scots lassie, Margaret. These two women sustained and supported Brian on the long road into the promise of priesthood, through the pain of priesthood, and out into the sunlight and simple joys of love.

In telling this story about the road he has travelled, Brian wants to tell other stories too; stories about many of the people he has met along life's highway. The road we travel is the 'One Road', and though the details of our stories may differ in every respect, the human journey is the same. Sometimes it feels like a road to 'God knows where' and we are lost, but we travel the road together and we can help each other to find the way.

Brian always wanted to write this story, but he needed a push. That push came in the sudden loss of his beloved wife, Margaret. Brian is good with words, Margaret had said, and so out of love for her and for his mother, he has put these words together.

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